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Year 5 @ Pioneer Centre 2024

Keep an eye on this page as I will be updating it with photos of our trip,

Day One


We have arrived safely at the Pioneer Centre and the children were very excited to see their rooms, unpack and - best of all - make their beds! 


We now have some free time, where most of the children were drawn not to board games or gossiping... but to the TV!



We have been organised into three different activity groups, so everybody did something a bit different today.  

Archery - Miss Gorton and Mrs Griffiths' group

Climbing - Mr Ash and Mrs Williams

High-ropes - Miss Gorton

Zipwire - Mrs Griffiths

Evening Activity - Campfire

We gathered around a huge campfire for our evening activity, playing a variety of games.

This was also a chance to celebrate the two birthdays we have today.  What a day to turn ten!


Day Two

Good morning! 

We had a brilliant night of sleep and no children disturbed each other - or the teachers!

Some of us are still exhausted from yesterday though; sat contemplating our decisions to stay up and gossip...

And for those who came to Malvern last year, you might notice a familiar sight...


Mr Ash and Mrs Williams - This morning, we had a first session of abseiling and climbing, followed by a great session of raft building.... A few children got wet, but the rafts were great!

Miss Gorton - Climbing and Caving: We did climbing and caving this morning, which the children really enjoyed.  Unfortunately, as the caves were so dark, we have no photos of this!

Mrs Griffiths - Caving and Climbing: We had caving and climbing this morning.  The caving was dark! We were proud of how high we were able to climb.



Mr Ash and Mrs Williams - Challenge Course and High Ropes: We had a brilliant time on the Challenge Course, which required us to work together and collaborate in order to win.  The high ropes fit the name... They were high! A few of us managed to do the 'leap of faith'... Jumping from the tall pole, to the handle-bar swing!

Miss Gorton - Abseil/zipline and Raft Building: We spent time high up today practising abseil and whizzing down the zipwire  (but being in the tower, it was hard to take photos, sorry!), followed by a soggy session of raft building!

Mrs Griffiths - Challenge Course: We did the challenge course, where the children worked together wonderfully to complete different obstacle challenges.  This took patience and resilience!



This evening, we spent some time at the tuck shop.  Mr Ash was very strict about watching our manners... "Please and thankyou goes a long way!" he nagged.

We are now sat watching a film in our lounge area.  Is that snoring I can hear?


Day 3 - Findal Day!

We had a lovely morning full of a final activity and an awards ceremony!



We took one final photo, as a group, before we set off for lunch... and then home!

We are so proud of the children.  There have been no problems, they have had plenty (so they tell us) of sleep - and most importantly, we have been safe and fun.  What a fantastic trip; with memories for life!