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Medical Information and Forms​​​​​​​


Parents are asked to inform the school, in writing, of any relevant medical details which may affect their child at school.  Where the condition is significant, i.e. Diabetes, Anaphylaxis, Attention Deficit disorder, an individual care plan will be drawn up involving all parties, e.g. parents, medical professionals and school staff.

Pinvin Federation will take reasonable steps to store medicines in the Medical Room and will make them available to children.  There are, however, no legal or contractual requirements for staff to administer medication.  If children cannot manage, parents will be offered the facility of coming into school.  If this is not possible, first aid staff may volunteer to help. Antibiotics should, if possible, be of the "three" dose type so that all doses can be administered at home, i.e. breakfast, tea time and bedtime.

Parents and carers of children requiring any prescribed medication during the day must complete a Medical Information form available which is available below, or from the Federation Office. It is the responsibility of the child to remember about their medicine.  No member of school staff will provide medicines of any kind to a child.  Children should keep asthma inhalers with them in case of urgent need.  A spacer is available, in the First Aid cupboard. Children who fall ill during the school day and are too ill to remain in class should sit in the Medical Room.  If no improvement is made parents will be contacted and asked to collect them.  If parents are unavailable, children will be seated in the Medical Room and monitored by Admin staff.  A camp bed can be placed in the Headteacher’s office if necessary.

Please visit our Policies page to read the Federation Policy on Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs.